2021-2022 School Year

$125.00 non-refundable registration fee per child.

Per Pupil Cost of Education at Our Lady of the Lake School = $4850.00

Financial Assistance

  • Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School needs-based financial assistance
    Needs-based financial aid is available from Our Lady of the Lake School for students entering kindergarten through eighth grade. Applications for Our Lady of the Lake needs-based financial assistance are available in the school office.  Families who wish to be considered for scholarship money from the parish must submit their application no later than March 15, 2021.
  • EdChoice Scholarship Program
    The Educational Choice Scholarship (EdChoice) Program provides students from underperforming public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. The program also provides low income students who are entering kindergarten through fourth grade the same opportunity. The program provides up to 60,000 EdChoice scholarships to eligible students.Families who have received the EdChoice scholarship are expected to pay the difference of tuition not covered by EdChoice.  The EdChoice Scholarship covers $4650.  The balance of $200 is due to the school office by November 1, 2021.

    Families who have received the EdChoice Scholarship are not required to pay tuition electronically.   Families receiving the EdChoice Scholarship are required to come to the school during school hours to endorse tuition checks issued by the Ohio Department of Education by the deadline established by Our Lady of the Lake School.  Failure to endorse checks in the school office will result in the families being required to pay the balance of the tuition owed in full.

    You can find more information along with New Student and Renewal Forms on the EdChoice Website: http://education.ohio.gov/edchoice.

  • FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
    Needs-based financial aid is available from the Diocese of Cleveland for students entering kindergarten through eighth grade.  Applications are processed through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment.  Applications must be submitted by March 15, 2021.   Please visit online.factsmgt.com/signin/4HKBQ to apply .

Tuition Payment Method

Our Lady of the Lake School uses a third party tuition collection company – FACTS (online.factsmgt.com/signin/4HKBQ).  All families are required to have tuition payments electronically withdrawn from bank accounts designated by them.  Payments will be electronically withdrawn from family designated accounts and deposited electronically into the Our Lady of the Lake account.  Families have a choice of a two month, four month, ten-month or twelve-month payment plan for the 2021-2022 academic year.  Families currently enrolled in FACTS will automatically be re-enrolled unless the school office is notified.

Families may pay tuition in full by August 23, 2021.  If payment in full is made by August 23, families need not establish accounts for electronic withdrawal, and they will receive a $100.00 per family tuition discount. Strict adherence to the August 23 deadline will be observed.