It is most important that all families wishing to enroll at Our Lady of the Lake School begin by reviewing this Admission and Tuition Policy, completing and submitting the Registration Application with the $150.00 registration fee.  Our Lady of the Lake Parish must have an accurate enrollment number in order to arrange staffing for the upcoming school year.  Staffing decisions depend heavily upon actual enrollment numbers.

It is also most important that families, who wish to be considered for additional financial aid from the diocese or the parish, submit the FACTS application no later than March 15, 2024.

Kindergarten Enrollment

  • Kindergarten is a full day program.
  • All families who wish to enroll a kindergarten student for the 2024-2025 school year will receive additional information regarding kindergarten screening. Information regarding kindergarten screening will be sent home in the early spring.
  • The Ohio Department of Education recommends that all kindergarten students be five (5) years old before August 1. Euclid City Schools requires kindergarten students to be five (5) years old before August 1.
  • The Office of Catholic Education of the Diocese of Cleveland recommends that the Catholic elementary schools follow the policies of the public school district in which they reside for kindergarten entrance age.
  • Kindergarten students do wear uniforms.
  • Kindergarten students eat lunch at school.

Financial Obligations

All families are required to meet all financial obligations to any and all educational institutions before enrollment in Our Lady of the Lake School can be finalized.