Parents and guardians are vital volunteers in the school program.  Please contact Mrs. Buford or Mrs. Nosse in the school office to express your interest in volunteering.

Cafeteria Helpers

Cafeteria helpers assist with serving in our school cafeteria during lunch hours.

Lunch/Recess Monitors

Lunch monitors assist in the MONITORING of students during the lunch hours.

Library Volunteers

Library volunteers assist the librarian in the library. There are some tasks that can be done at home during flexible hours.

Office Volunteers

There are occasionally jobs that can be done in the school office.

Classroom Volunteers

Classroom volunteers assist the classroom teacher by supervising field trips; planning class parties; and occasionally helping with activities, drill work, and supervising small groups, etc. Each classroom also has ROOM PARENTS who coordinate some of these activities for the teacher.

Computer Room Volunteers

Computer room: assist with the operation of computer technology in the computer lab.