Children, who are members of Our Lady of the Lake Parish, in grades 4-8 are welcome and invited to become alter servers at OLL.

Altar servers assist at Mass on weekends and holy days.  They also assist at school Masses and when their numbers are sufficient, they assist at daily Mass throughout the year (9:00 am, Monday-Thursday).  Typically, a schedule of Masses and server assignments is published at monthly intervals.  Occasionally servers will be sought for special liturgies such as those of Holy Week.  Servers who are unable to be present for a given assignment are expected to get their own substitute (a list will be provided) and to notify the rectory that they have done so.

In order for your child to be a server, he or she must be a member of Our Lady of the Lake Parish.  In addition, written permission and expression of support from their parent or guardian is required.  Parent support means that you will assist your child with meeting his or her responsibilities, including keeping an eye on the schedule, getting substitutes, and providing transportation when necessary.   It also includes giving them permission and arranging for them to be present for a training session with Fr. Joe Fortuna, Pastor.

Please fill out the linked form below to express interest in your child becoming a server.

Parent/Guardian Permission/Support Form